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When our deepest tensions are released, we can heal ourselves -- physically, mentally, & spiritually. When energy is balanced and flowing, we feel vital and content.

These pages describe the styles of bodywork I practice and the underlying convictions that inform my work.

Through massage, energy work, movement, and diet, Asian Therapies use the wisdom of Chinese medicine to reduce stress, promote health, and maintain well-being.

What Is Asian Bodywork?

Rebalance your energy with Tui Na Massage.

Q&A. Frequently asked questions.

Resources. Books, websites, and more -- annotated recommendations.

Rosen Method is a unique and transformative style of bodywork. Using gentle touch to release accumulated bodily tension, it allows you to realize your full potential and become the person you truly are.

What Is Rosen Method Bodywork?

Q&A. Frequently asked questions.

Resources. Annotated recommendations of books, websites, and more.

Health is not the absence of disease, but a state of being, influenced by how we live our lives. We're healthy when we're balanced.

Physical and mental symptoms express struggles with our fundamental health. BalanceFlow is about returning to this underlying state of well-being.

This section includes short pieces and in-depth articles on the work I practice and the subjects I study.

Here you'll find excerpts from one of my published books and recommendations of books and music I've been reading or listening to lately.

Understanding Anxiety. The first seven chapters from my book about Understanding Anxiety.

Books, Etc. Fiction and non-fiction short reviews, plus music I use during sessions.

About Jan. Who I am, where I've been, and why I do this.

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